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Past Events

  • World Aids day celebration Owerri Collaborated with Imo Saca, held in December 2011

  • 2100 World Conference Against A&H Bombs

  • CSO Laca/ Saca Forum 3oth August 2012

  • GPF SUmmit 2012 In Collaboration with WYPO

Upcoming Events

  • September Programme

    1. 21st
      International Day of Peace. (Global Observance)
    2. 27th-2nd Oct
      International Youth Peace Festival (IYPF), India
  • October Programme

    1. 1st
      Nigeria Independence Day Celebration
    2. 12th-15th
      Fundraising Support for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • November Programme

    1. 7th-9th
      Global Peace Foundation/Nigeria Convention
  • December Programme

    1. 1st
      World AIDS Day Celebration
    2. 4th-12th
      International Conference on AIDS Society Africa (ICASA) in South Africa
    3. 15th
      End of year get together organize by World Youth Peace Organization