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    World Youth Peace Organization a member of Japan Council against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs, Gensuikyo, appeals for a peaceful solution in resolving the proposed unilateral military intervention against President Al-Assad of Syria for using Racine gas on the August 21st 2013 attack against his people, killing over one thousand four hundred, including over four hundred children were gassed to death while asleep in their homes and hundreds hospitalized.

    The organization condemned the barbaric act orchestrated by Syrian government on its people near Damascus. The global youth appeal for a peaceful resolution to the Syria bloody war. They oppose any unilateral military intervention force that could escalate another Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The world is still grieving for the two post wars and more and more destructions occurring in daily bases with the escalated infiltration of Al-Qaida operations globally.

    The use of chemical weapons is serious violation of the International Law, regardless of which party to the conflict used the weapons. Now, the evidence of the investigation was made clear that President Al-Assad military forces used the poisonous gas on its civilians by the United Nation General Council, Syria has to be sanctioned and the case referred to the International Criminal Court for the Syria president to be prosecuted for genocide against his people.

    When the worst comes to the worst to wage war against Syria, the young people are the ones dance the tune of being sent to the war front to be slaughtered as cows for the benefit of the war profiteers. The global youth today

Past Events

  • World Aids day celebration Owerri Collaborated with Imo Saca, held in December 2011

  • 2100 World Conference Against A&H Bombs

  • CSO Laca/ Saca Forum 3oth August 2012

  • GPF SUmmit 2012 In Collaboration with WYPO

Upcoming Events

  • September Programme

    1. 21st
      International Day of Peace. (Global Observance)
    2. 27th-2nd Oct
      International Youth Peace Festival (IYPF), India
  • October Programme

    1. 1st
      Nigeria Independence Day Celebration
    2. 12th-15th
      Fundraising Support for people living with HIV/AIDS
  • November Programme

    1. 7th-9th
      Global Peace Foundation/Nigeria Convention
  • December Programme

    1. 1st
      World AIDS Day Celebration
    2. 4th-12th
      International Conference on AIDS Society Africa (ICASA) in South Africa
    3. 15th
      End of year get together organize by World Youth Peace Organization